Dear First Timer,

Dear First Timer,

Welcome.  You belong here. Just as you are.

Holy Yoga is a practice of grace.  Receiving grace from the Father as we worship through movement and extending grace to ourselves to cover our physical limitations.

Holy Yoga is first and foremost a practice of worship.  This means if I offer you something to practice in your body that doesn’t feel like worship, feel free to skip it!

Now that we’ve established Holy Yoga is for everybody & every body, you might be wondering what to bring & what to expect:

Bring: A water bottle & a yoga mat.  Don’t have a mat?  No worries, I always have a few extra.

Expect: To leave changed.  Yoga allows us to create space in our bodies and Holy Yoga allows us to experience God in a way that creates space in our hearts and souls.  We don’t chant or om, I pray aloud, I lead you in a quiet 3-5 minute gospel-centered meditation, and I’ll offer posture modifications to meet you where you are at.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a waiver and discuss any physical ailments I should be aware of.

I’ll save you a spot!  I can’t wait to meet you!